Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Nail Art

Happy Memorial Day!  I don't know what came over me today but I decided I really wanted to jazz up my nails for the holiday.  I usually call glitter jazzed up enough so this mani was a big deal for me.  I went all out with glitter, stamping, and rhinestones!  I do my nails on a TV tray in my living room so the first step is to gather my supplies.

The polishes I selected were from China Glaze and Amy's Nail Boutique.  I have so many polishes from Amy and I love them all. She is a dear friend of mine and I know what goes in to each bottle of polish she makes.  I can't say enough good things about her product.  I decided to use Amy's Nail Boutique Liberty, China Glaze With Love, China Glaze Calypso Blue, and Amy's Nail Boutique Patriot. 

I started with a base of Nailtiques 2 and 2 coats of  With Love and Calypso Blue on alternating nails.  While these colors were exactly what I was looking for, they both stained my skin and made cleanup very difficult.

The formula on With Love was perfect and applied like a dream.  It was smooth and just the right consistency.

Calypso Blue had a thicker formula but was still easy to work with.  What I didn't like about this polish was the way it created little bubbles on my nails, like I wasn't painting on a smooth surface.  This isn't as noticeable once top coat was added but you can really see it before you add the top coat.

Next I decided to use my glitters from Amy's Nail Boutique on two fingers on each hand.  Patriot is a red, white, and blue matte glitter polish.  I've had this polish for a year and it's still just as perfect as it was the day I got it.

I applied one coat on my ring fingers.  The polish has an even application and goes on smoothly.

Amy's Nail Boutique Liberty is another red, white, and blue glitter that I've had for a year and it's still perfect.  This is why I believe in Amy's product; it stands the test of time.  I love the mix of glitters in this polish, even the bars!  I know a lot of people hate bar glitter because it can stick up and create problems.  In this polish, there is just enough to add dimension without creating issues.

I put one coat of Liberty on my middle fingers.  This is one coat without any dabbing or special placement of glitters.

I topped all my nails with a coat of Seche Vite and let it dry.

Now for the stamping!  I suck at stamping.  This mani is the first time I have ever stamped successfully!  I used Bundle Monster plate 05.

The image I selected was a star.

I have this weird white stamping polish from a brand I've never heard of.  I ordered it off Amazon about a year ago.  It actually worked really well!

I stamped a star on each nail.

I didn't worry about centering the stars and making them perfect on each nail, I just stamped.  And it worked!

Finally I decided to add a rhinestone to the center of each star.

I topped everything off with a coat of Seche Vite and I love the effect of this mani!

Now, I did mention the staining which makes my cleanup look sloppy.  But I did this mani late last night and when I woke up today, most of the staining had worn off.  Not bad!

I hope everyone has a happy Memorial Day.  Please remember those who have given their lives and their time for our freedom.  They are our heros.

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