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My name is Rachael; I am a nail polish lover in my late 20s.  I currently have a stash of over 2000 polishes.  I grew up with a mother who never wore make-up and didn't even own nail polish.  As a child, I was a holy terror, especially to my babysitters.  One babysitter had the bright idea to give me a bottle of nail polish, sit me outside (no messes!), and teach me how to do my nails.  It was love at first brushstroke!

I had always maintained a stash of 100-200 polishes but about a year ago, my love turned into obsession.  In November of 2011, my husband and I had gone on a weekend getaway for my birthday.  We stopped at a Verizon store for my husband and I wandered over to a Sally's Beauty Supply.  I had never been to a Sally's before this.  They had the China Glaze Let It Snow! collection on display.  I bought the entire collection.

In March, I was browsing Pinterest when I stumbled upon St. Patrick's Day nail art.  I followed the pin to a blog which opened up a whole new world.  I joined a Face Book group for nail polish lovers and the rest is history.

I started this blog not because I have perfect nails, but because I can tell the truth about the products I use.  I know many of us in the polish community see blog after blog praising every brand, color, and formula; then we buy the polish and are disappointed.  You will always find the truth here.

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