Sunday, November 10, 2013

P&P's FFNA Challenge: First Frost

First Frost is today's challenge.  My goal was to create the look of a first frost on my nails.

The polishes I used for this look are Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Grass Slipper, Amy's Nail Boutique Festival of Lights Green, Amy's Nail Boutique Fairy Wings, and Amy's Nail Boutique Frosty.

I started with two coats of Sally Hansen Grass Slipper.  In the Fall, the grass starts to die and turn yellow.

I added a coat of Festival of Lights green (a custom).  This adds the little bit of dark green that the grass still retains.

Next came a coat of Fairy Wings, which is essentially a light blue version of FoLg.

Finally, I added a coat of Frosty.

I'm not sure I love what I've created but I think I achieved my goal.  Green, dying grass, with tinges of blue, and a white frost.

I love the smell of the first frost and the cold, frosty air.  What does first frost look like to you?

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