Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lynnderella IS American Apparel: Factory Gray and Are You A Good Witch?

I'm in the mood for something to celebrate Halloween.  It's next month and it's my favorite holiday.  I decided to use American Apparel Factory Gray and Lynndrella Are You A Good Witch?.

Factory Gray is a lovely gray creme.  As much as I adore the color, this wasn't the easiest formula to work with.  I started with one thin coat, as I normally would, but it was streaky and patchy.  I opted for two more thicker coats and it evened out well.

Are You A Good Witch? is part of a recently released Lynnderella twinset.  The twinsets are two polishes that share a common theme.

This polish has so many different glitters!  I found bars and squares and rectangles and shreds and stars and moons and hexes.  There is red, purple, silver, lime, teal, green, violet, black, and I'm sure much more color in this gorgeous polish.

This polish and it's twin don't come in the standard square shaped bottle.  I HATE that these bottles are not the same as all the rest of my Lynns.  There's nothing wrong with the shape at all, it just makes me crazy that now all my bottles don't look the same.

I applied one coat of Witch over the gray.  Witch has a strong purple shimmer that complimented the gray and made it appear the be a grayish purple.

It always tickles me when someone compliments me on the beauty of a Lynnderella.  Just because I see the beauty of her artistry, doesn't mean everyone does, even other polish lovers.  And I was complimented on this polish by a colleague.

The first macro shows you the purple shimmer and the holo of some of the glitters.

It applied very evenly, which isn't the case for many chunkier glitter polishes.  I didn't dab any on and it just worked.

I couldn't ask for a more perfect, slightly understated, Halloween look.

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