Sunday, September 22, 2013

P&P's FFNA Challenge : Back to School

My friend Ashley of Plump and Polished created a Fall nail art challenge!  It's been a long time since I've blogged and this challenge is bringing me back.  Thank you Ashley!

Today's challenge is back to school.

I decided I would make my theme black and gold, my high school colors.  Our mascot was a cadet which is not something I could do so I went for the colors and school spirit!

For my gold, I decided to use Wet n Wild Chrome A Show at the Palladium.  I love the Chromes and I really wish they hadn't been limited edition.  This polish has a base of shimmering gold and slightly larger flecks of a different shade of gold.

I used two coats of the Chrome.  It applies flawlessly and looks lovely.

You can see the true sparkle of the polish in the photo with flash.

In the macro you can see the glitter in the chrome.

I know this isn't really art per say, but I decided to top this with OPI Black Spotted.

Spotted was never sold in the US and was very hard to come by until recently.  This is a very finicky polish.  When they say VERY THIN coat, they really mean it.  You want to wipe both sides of the brush off so it seems like there's nothing left on it.  That's when it's perfect.

Spotted has an almost oil slick effect on the nails.  It pulls away and created spots!

Black and gold!

I leave you with the pep rally standard, "who's gonna win this game tonight?  F H S!".

See the other ladies!

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