Friday, June 14, 2013

Full Steam Ahead

Today I have Essie's Full Steam Ahead from the Naughty Nautical collection and Above the Curve's Jadis.  Full Steam Ahead is a lilac with a white shimmer.

I applied two coats of Full Steam Ahead for my base.  I love how even though this is a pale color, it's so bright on the nail.

Lilac is a personal color weakness of mine and this one is perfect.

If you look close you can see traces of the white shimmer on your nail.

Above the Curve describes Jadis as "blue and purple matte hexes in different sizes, blue holographic moons, and purple holographic shreds in a light blue shimmery base".

It was the moons that sold me on this polish and I love that I didn't have to fish for them. 

See how that purple shard on the moon looks like another mini moon?  I love it!

The light blue shimmer in this polish brings out the white shimmer of the Essie.

I love how this combination has a magical feel to it.

It's such a beautiful shimmery polish!


  1. I hope you realize that I will probably steal... I mean borrow all of your fabulous combos!! Beautiful!