Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nothing Gold Can Stay

I don't wear a lot of gold polish because I feel like it's a bit harsh for my skin tone.  That being said, I don't wear a lot of silver polish either.  I decided to try a gold with glitter, in hopes that I could pull it off.

I went with a-england Holy Grail (the original version) and Glitzology Rhinestone Jumpsuit.

Holy Grail comes in two separate versions.  The original version, now sold as a limited edition, is the one I have.  The other version is simply listed as "new edition".

I used two coats of Holy Grail without top coat.

A england describes this polish as a "glorious gold".

To me, this polish is very yellow.  I love the shimmer in it but I couldn't see myself wearing it on it's own.

I decided to top the gold with more of a true gold, Rhinestone Jumpsuit.  It has a shimmering gold base and jewel tone glitters.

I used one coat over Holy Grail and it seemed to tone down the yellow for me so the mani was very wearable.

It's like these polishes were made for each other.

I love how the different shimmers play off each other to create a multi-dimensional look.  That makes the gold so much prettier.

This combo has given me a way to wear gold.

Glitzology has had her shop in vacation mode for a while but I love her product and anxiously await her return!

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