Saturday, June 1, 2013

Indie Week: White Base With Glitter

Today's post feature's another polish from Amy's Nail Boutique.  My theme for today was a polish that had a white base with glitter in it.  I have an entire Helmer drawer full of Amy's polish but this one had been untried.

Amy describes Over The Rainbow as "a white based polish with all the colors of the rainbow with black and blue stars".  I am reminded of Rainbow Bright when I see this polish.

I decided to wear this polish on it's own and it took 3 coats to achieve opacity with no streaks or patches.

Out of all the white bades glitter I own, this one is by far my favorite.

When you layer it, you just end up with this beautiful glitter and crelly sandwich effect.

The formula on this polish is great!  I remember getting my first white based glitter, Woodsie's Wish, from Amy.  I was in love.  I feel the same way about this one.

I love that even with all the glitter, this polish goes on so smoothly.

As always, Amy gets high marks from me in all aspects.  Check it out!

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