Monday, October 28, 2013

Dupe It Out

A couple weeks ago, I did a guest post for Julie from Wishes of a Blue-Eyed Girl.  I've decided to share it with you guys too!

So what I have for you today is a set of dupes...or not?  You'll find out!  The polishes I have are from Priti NYC and Orly.

Orly Royal Navy retails for around $8.00.  You can find Orly at Sally's Beauty Supply, Ulta, CVS, and many other stores.  It's very easy to find and readily available.  Priti NYC Spring Gentian retails for $13.50.  You can find Priti NYC at some salons and online.

It was hard to get macros of these bottles due to light reflecting.  Below is Spring Gentian.

And here is Royal Navy.  Both polishes are what I would term a bright navy or dark cobalt.  Both also have teal shimmer.

You can see that in the bottle, these polishes already look identical.  The Orly is .6 fl oz while the Priti is only .43 fl oz.

The Orly Brush is a standard polish brush.

Priti has a flat brush that I really love.

You can clearly see the Orly brush is much larger but I think it can be a bit unwieldy.

Below is one coat of each polish.  Spring Gentian is on my index and ring finger.  Royal Navy is on my middle finger and pinkie.

And this is two coats.  Do you see a difference yet?

The teal shimmer is a bit more evident in the Orly than the Priti.

Royal Navy macro.

Spring Gentian macro.

The last photo is where you can see how the Orly has more of a matte finish while the Priti just shines.  I have not used top coat for these photos.

Are they the exact same polish?  Almost.  Do you need both?  No.  Which one is better?  Spring Gentian.  If you haven't tried Priti NYC, don't like the price deter you!  The formula makes them well worth it and they frequently have sales.

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