Tuesday, October 15, 2013

OPI And A Glitter Accent

I had no idea what to put on my nails so I sent my husband into the void.  He came back with OPI Cuckoo For This Color and OPI Bring On The Bling.  I showed him options for possible manis and what he settled on is what you'll see!

I used two coats of Cuckoo from OPI's Switzerland collection.  Then I did a glitter gradient on my accent nail with Bling from the OPI Burlesque collection.

When my good friend Alyson saw my mani, the first thing she noticed was the little hole in the gradient.  Well, I'm not perfect and this is how it turned out.

But I decided to file my nails down and make them more squoval than oval.  It fixed the hole!  That was the first thing Alyson noticed when I sent her the picture.

I wasn't entirely thrilled with this mani but I did wear it for a day.  What's the last mani you wore that you didn't love?

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