Thursday, October 17, 2013

Purple Manis for Jaycie

Along with my best friend Sarah, I run a FaceBook group for East Coast polish lovers.  One of our lovely ladies has had a rough time lately.  Her young daughter had a scooter accident and has been in the hospital over a week, mostly in ICU.  We wanted to show our support for Sharon's daughter and thus, #ManisforJaycie was born. 

We all used purple.  I went with Pahlish Pink Roses and Red Valentine Lace, A Rhyming Dictionary Magic Muffins, and Rainbow Honey Dusty Bot.

I tried time and time again to capture this accurately but cameras do not love violet.

I started with two coats of Dusty Bot so I could avoid potential VNL.

Then I added three coats of Magic Muffins.  MM is the BEST purple EVER!  It's a bright violet blue with a scattered holo effect.

Finally, on my accent nail I added one coat of the Pahlish which is a pink and purple glitter.

When Jaycie saw the mani, Sharon said her response was "For me?".  How could we not love a child whose mother is so amazing?  That group is family to me; some I've met and some I haven't, but they are all my sisters.

I wish Jaycie a speedy recovery and future health always.  Sharon, you have a beautiful daughter.

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